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Milo's 4-Week Cycling Program is designed for middle and high school athletes, structured to gradually boost your cycling skills and to be repeated for continuous improvement. Each week ramps up the challenge, focusing on endurance, strength, and speed, with an emphasis on recovery. As you progress, you're encouraged to cycle through the program again, pushing further each time.


and program notes

The essence of the program is structured progression, from building a solid foundation to peaking in intensity and volume, all while allowing for customization and emphasizing recovery. Approach:

  • Personalization: Athletes tailor Day 4 to focus on specific goals (endurance, speed, or power).

  • Progression: Cycle repetition with adjustments for continuous challenge and improvement.

  • Recovery: Emphasizes rest days and active recovery for muscle repair and growth.

  • Have FUN! Like the coaches in Circuit Training


Week 1

  • Goal: Build aerobic base and start strength training.

  • Key Activities: Moderate-intensity rides for aerobic fitness; core and lower body strength exercises.


Week 2

  • Goal: Boost endurance and incorporate dynamic strength exercises.

  • Key Activities: Longer rides with paced increases; strength exercises focusing on endurance and core stability.


Week 3

  • Goal: Introduce high-intensity efforts to improve power and speed.

  • Key Activities: Challenging intervals and plyometric* training for speed recovery and power.

*plyometric - fancy word for a form of exercise that involves rapid and repeated stretching and contracting of the muscles, designed to increase strength.

Week 4

  • Goal: Maximize training volume and intensity pre-taper or event.

  • Key Activities: Peak long rides with intensity; advanced core strength training for form and endurance under fatigue.


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