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Week 1: Foundation Building

This is...

Monday (or Saturday)

75-minute endurance ride with

-  15 minutes of steady effort in the middle.


Sunday Suffer Fest

Group hill climb and team social at Derby hill.



Playground Circuit Training

Combine a 30-minute easy ride with sets of

  • bodyweight squats

  • lunges

  • planks

  • push-ups

  • chin-ups

2 circuits, 5-10 reps each exercise, using playground equipment for



Thursday Options -- Choose your Adventure!

  • Option A: 5 x 2 minutes at high intensity with 3 minutes recovery.

  • Option B: 10 x 1-minute fast pedaling (cadence >100rpm) with 1 minute easy recovery.

  • Option C: 4 x 4 minutes at moderately high intensity with 4 minutes of easy riding in between.



Active recovery day, focusing on light activity such as walking or easy pedaling

Get in Touch

Descender student-athletes, feel free to share any questions on Team Snap chat. 

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